Make your birthday that much brighter, you deserve it.

Welcome to inLight Studios, Sydney’s premier light up letter hire company.

A bit about us.

We don’t like to brag… but with a signature range of light up letters that includes the entire alphabet, every number, different symbols and love hearts that can all be light up in the complete wheel of colours, with 9 different lighting functions! We feel like we can.

Best prices combined with perfect customer service, every time.

Light Up Letter-inLight Studios, Sydney, NSW


  • Delivery, setup and pickup all included
  • Standing 120cm tall with 20cm of depth
  • Modern yet classic custom designed font
  • Choose from our rustic warm white bulbs and our cool white bulbs
  • Over 16 million colours to choose from
  • Ability to adjust the brightness
  • Pick from 10 pre-set lighting programs
  • Adjust the speed of the programs
  • Best customer service in the industry
  • Local Northern Beaches Business


  • 31 Cross Street, Brookvale, 2100, NSW
  • Phone: 0449 999 111